If You're Not Following This Cat Named Michael Scott on Instagram, You're Doing It Wrong

Calling all fans of The Office: if you're not following Michael Scott the cat on Instagram, you might as well just delete your account. The 4-year-old black cat has become quite the social media star this year, with his owner, Brittney Jernstrom, taking hilarious photos of him recreating scenes from the NBC sitcom and flawlessly emulating Dunder Mifflin's most beloved regional manager.

"He had a big personality and would perform crazy stupid antics just to be the center of attention."

Shortly after Brittney adopted the stray kitten, she realized the funny feline has a "quirky" and "eccentric" attitude similar to The Office's main star. "He had a big personality and would perform crazy stupid antics just to be the center of attention," Brittney told POPSUGAR via email. "He was affectionate but loud and often obnoxious. He would pull crazy stunts and even hurt himself like he was trying to make anyone watching laugh." What's more is that he has the exact hair and eye color as the OG Michael Scott, so it was essentially unavoidable to give him the same name.

Brittney has snapped plenty of photos of her cat imitating Michael Scott, sharing them on an Instagram account she aptly named Dunder Kitten and pairing each with a corresponding quote from The Office. Although Michael the cat is typically sporting a striped necktie in true regional manager fashion, he also slips into other accessories from time to time, including a red banana to mimic the infamous Prison Mike alter ego. "Believe it to not, he actually really loves wearing his tie . . . and all of the attention he gets while wearing it. He'll often wear it all day," Brittney said.

Of her cat's attention-seeking ways, Brittney added, "Michael's got a pretty big ego and he knows he's a big deal. He loves posing for pictures and having photoshoots for his Instagram posts. I normally have designated spots around the house where we set up to take our pictures and when he knows what we're about to do, he will eagerly sit in the spot and pose." Hah, what a model!

In case you need any further motivation to slam that blue "follow" button on Michael's 'gram, we've gathered his funniest posts to date, for your viewing pleasure. Check 'em out below to see the World's Best Boss — er, Cat — in action.

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