I Got My Cat This Chic Canopy Bed, and Now He's Napping in Style

POPSUGAR Photography | Andrea Robbins
POPSUGAR Photography | Andrea Robbins
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My cat, Bart, has three favorite places to hang out: perched on someone's shoulders, on our couch between my legs, and snuggled up in his cozy bed. His bed gets the most use, so when our 3-month-old puppy decided the cat bed would be a perfect chew toy, it was time to hit the market for a new one.

Rather than going with your typical pillowy foam cat bed, I decided to get something a bit more modern that would match my home's aesthetic while still providing a cozy kitty escape. The Cat Person Canopy Bed ($80) totally stood out in my internet hunt — its unique design and fun colorways made it unlike any cat bed I've ever seen. I chose the "jungle" color, which combines deep maroon with shades of red and blue.

Once it arrived, the Canopy Bed proved extremely easy to assemble, with just three simple steps. It's made with quality, premium materials — the cushion is made of memory foam and comes with a polyester zip-up cover, and the canopy is a thick, sturdy felt that feels like it will last ages.

My favorite part about the bed, besides the quality, is its three-in-one design: you can snap the canopy up top for a more enclosed hideaway, fold it down partially for a more open look, or remove it altogether.

After assembling the bed, I tried placing it on the floor next to a few plants. I quickly realized that this was right in my puppy's sniff zone, and that if I wanted Bart to actually relax in the bed, I'd need to elevate it off the floor. I put the bed on top of a decorative chair, and Bart wasted no time jumping in and curling up beneath the canopy. He slept there for the next hour like a fuzzy little crescent roll.

If you have a cat, you know how picky they can be. But I can rest assured that my cat is a fan of naptime with his new Canopy Bed, and I'm definitely a fan of how cute it looks in my home.