This Adorable Cat Defending His Fish Friend From His Hungry Brother Is Too Freaking Funny

Some cats are more than eager for lunch when they hear you crack open a can of tuna, but this kitty is all about protecting his aquatic friends, and the look on his friend's face is way too hilarious. In a video shared to Reddit, we can see a calico cat (who I've deemed Mr. Fluffy Face) looking over a bowl of goldfish next to a thundery gray cat — probably his brother — who's practically licking his lips at the sight of the fish. But when the calico sees his fellow feline dipping his head down for a midday snack, he defends the fish by reaching his paw out to tap his brother on the head. So rude!

In cat language, it's pretty clear that the gray cat is in complete disbelief — just look at his face! We have to give it up to the calico for protecting the goldfish — because "fish are friends, not food" . . . but it's also possible that he's reserving the fish for his own lunch. Still, I like to believe it's all an act of one species helping out another. Watch the adorable video here, and prepare to chuckle at the hilarious look on the second cat's face.