I'm Totally Obsessed With This Cat Who Loves Riding Around on a Roomba Vacuum

I'm not sure about you, but whenever I turn on my Roomba vacuum, all of my six pets immediately scatter. Although some of my kitties watch from afar, they're typically not thrilled when the vacuum starts making its rounds. But for one gorgeous Himalayan cat, hearing the purr of the Roomba's motor is the best part of its day.

In a now-viral video shared by a woman named Trish Hillier, we see the giant fluff ball hop right onto the Roomba mid cleaning session, and I'm in awe of the balance it took for the kitty to hang on! Though there were signs of some struggle — after bumping into the couch and a loveseat, the kitty ran straight into a wall before falling off the vacuum. Although I hope the sweet baby wasn't hurt, it was particularly hard for me not to laugh at this turn of events. Watch until the end to see its serious coordination . . . and eventual loss of balance.