This Kitty Intentionally Getting in the Way While Its Owner Tries to Make the Bed Is Peak Cat

As an owner of a bed, and one who's owned one for the majority of my adult life (save for that one year when I slept on a questionable pull-out futon), I can say with absolute certainty that the worst part about being a bed owner is changing those mother-effing sheets. Namely, the fitted sheet. But you know who doesn't care about our fitted-sheet problems? Cats.

In an Instagram video shared by @stella_loves_enzo, a cat by the name of Stella clearly gives zero craps about its owner's need to make the bed. Stella makes every effort to get in the way as her owner does her very best to work around the cat.

The post was captioned: "Stella here for what was supposed to be a relaxing #caturday morning nap post. Instead, my human drained an ENTIRE pot of coffee and from the looks of it, has been hitting my meowijuana nip stash. I mean, seriously, How's a cat supposed to get a decent nap around here??"

Stella does have a point, though. She's just trying to get her relax on!