Meet 2 of Instagram's Up-and-Coming Pup Stars

POPSUGAR Photography | Allie Merriam
POPSUGAR Photography | Allie Merriam

It's no secret that we're a little bit obsessed with animal Instagram accounts. We just can't get enough. So when we found out that an up-and-coming Instagram star's human was right in our New York office AND she was friends with another up-and-coming Instagram star, we knew we had to meet them. We present to you Ella Bean and Chloe Kardoggian, who both have great messages to spread to the world with their Instagram accounts.

This little girl is Ella Bean. Her human thinks she's somewhere around 6 or 7 years old, and she was rescued from a South Florida puppy mill before she was euthanized. Though Ella Bean had a lot of health issues when she was rescued, she's currently on the mend. Despite her numerous teeth problems — a common occurrence in puppy-mill dogs due to lack of nutrition and proper care — Ella Bean's human said she's on her way to better health and will hopefully need no further surgeries.

Ella Bean's human said, "When I met Ella, she had never known human love or affection, and she was incredibly antisocial. She really learned how to act like a 'dog' via my older dog, Louis. She followed him around and started copying him."

Over the years, as Ella Bean has come into her own, she has found all the finer things in life. She prefers bottled water to tap water, she likes to sit on the highest point of a couch and look at the room from that vantage point, and she loves cashmere and faux fur, rejecting regular dog beds, her human said.

Ella Bean is also incredibly well-behaved, which I have personally witnessed on the various occasions she's come to the POPSUGAR office. She almost never barks and loves to be with humans.

To see more of Ella Bean, make sure to follow her Instagram account, which her human started as a creative outlet. For the video content on Ella's account, her human said she collaborates with her husband, an accomplished filmmaker.

The ultimate goal of Ella Bean's Instagram account is to raise awareness about puppy mills. Ella Bean's human said, "I've made many new friends in real life, we've attended social events to raise money for rescue, and I hope to continue doing more of that!"

And this is Chloe Kardoggian. She is coming up on her 12th birthday in May and has been with her current human for two years.

Chloe's human said: "She came to me through a friend of a friend who was helping her grandmother rehome her after an accident left the grandmother unable to care for Chloe anymore. This had been Chloe's third or fourth home as she wove her way from a woman who bought her to breed her and gave her away when she was too small to breed. She hopped around between the family members of the grandmother before landing there for about five years."

The timing of Chloe needing a new home worked out in everyone's favor, as her human was in the market for a new forever friend. Her other dog had recently passed away, and her home was starting to feel lonely. She had adopted her other dog as an adult and had him for 10 years, so she had little hesitation about adopting another older dog. "I prefer them to the energy and unknowns of puppies," she said.

Chloe was sweet and friendly with everyone in her future human's family whom she met during her initial meet and greet. "She didn't come to stay with me full time until a month later, and that's where she's staying FOREVER," her human said.

You can see more pictures of Chloe on her Instagram, which her human started to keep her previous family up to date on her new adventures. She posed for pictures so willingly, so she and her human started having fun with the captions and going to events together.

Her human said, "It was truly a delightful accident that she grew to this level of popularity and one of the best kind of accidents. Now we get to spread the word about senior adoption, which can have its stigmas, and Chihuahuas, which can have their stigmas, and rescue in general."