Chris Evans Learned to Sew For His Rescue Dog, As If We Needed Another Reason to Love Him

Chris Evans takes his bond with rescue dog Dodger very seriously — as if we needed a reason to love him more. You can frequently spot the Boxer-mix making an appearance on Chris's Instagram page (more often than the actor himself, if we're being honest) and when Dodger underwent hip replacement surgery, Chris picked up a new hobby to make the dog's recovery a little cozier.

"Yesterday while he was in surgery, so was his favorite lion (which had been on IR since November after a nasty tear)," Chris explained on Instagram when he posted a few photos of Dodger and said toy. "I've never sewn anything before but I'm pretty proud of my hack job. They're both happily recovering in each other's company."

Everyone dog (and person!) deserves someone that'll comfort them like Chris does with Dodger. I mean, he learned how to sew for his dog? How dreamy is that? While we're busy swooning, take a peek at his handiwork — and Dodger's relaxed reaction — in the photo gallery above.