These 20 Cute Animals Are Insta Famous For Good Reasons, and We Are Not Worthy

Find us someone who doesn't need more cute animals in their life — we'll wait. Seriously though, life is tough, work is hard, and nothing can turn your day around quite like a hilarious puppy YouTube video or a kitty TikTok clip. But dogs and cats aren't the only ones who get to have all the fun — from Pumpkin the Raccoon to Lionel the Hedgehog, cute animals come in all shapes and sizes, and if you need more soft and fuzzies on a daily basis, then these Insta-famous animals have you covered. Just give these 21 cuddly cuties a follow and get ready to squeal with joy.


Doug the Pug

Doug the Pug is more plugged into popular culture than the coolest middle schooler you know and has more celebrity pals than we could ever even dream of having. But honestly — could you look into Doug's eyes and not want to be his friend?


Lionel the Hedgehog

When you think of hedgehogs, "cute" probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind, but Lionel the Hedgehog is adorably busting those stereotypes. This account features hundreds of cute photos of sweet, pudgy Lionel held up in the air against colorful backgrounds, and you have to be heartless not to happy-squeal when you see these snaps.


Suki Cat

Travel Instagram influencer is definitely one of our aspirational career choices, but if we could be both an enviable traveler and a cute cat, we'd be on top of the world — or at least as popular as Suki Cat. Follow this gorgeous adventure cat's many travels and you're sure to catch a strong case of wanderlust (as well as pretty kitty fever).


Juniper Fox

Who's the happiest fox in all the land? That would be Juniper Fox, a North American red fox born in captivity and now living in a home full of rescued exotics, alongside all of her adoptive doggy brothers. Just look at her feed and tell us Juniper isn't a perfect addition to her eclectic animal family.


Manny the Frenchie

It's not easy being the world's most followed bulldog, but Manny the Frenchie certainly makes it look effortless. With his big smile and even bigger heart, Manny uses his platform to promote the Manny & Friends Foundation for abandoned dogs and to provide plenty of French bulldog sweetness.


Ethel the Glamour Tort

Like an elegant old grandmother, Ethel the Glamour Tort is timeless, stylish, and always photo-ready. Ethel may be a sulcata tortoise — which is the third-largest species of tortoise in the world — but she and her always-color-coordinating human parents are about as precious as they come.


Louboutina NYC

No one loves giving out free hugs quite as much as Louboutina NYC, who's also known as the hugging dog. This lovable golden retriever wants nothing more than to give you a happy squeeze, and Loubie and her dad traverse the city together spreading hugs (and taking really sweet pics along the way).


Esther the Wonder Pig

If you don't wig out for pigs, then that's just because you haven't met Esther the Wonder Pig yet. Esther's parents may have adopted her thinking she was a miniature pig, but this 600-pound sweetheart won their hearts anyway — and she and her fabulous wigs are sure to steal yours as well.


Lil Bub

Lil Bub may have been born the runt of a healthy feral litter, but this kitty turned out to be more special than anyone could have imagined. Born with a multitude of genetic anomalies, Lil Bub has an extreme case of dwarfism and difficulty moving around, but she uses her platform to raise funds for special needs pets and spread plenty of adorableness.


Maxine the Fluffy Corgi

If you like big butts and you cannot lie, then Maxine the Fluffy Corgi definitely deserves a follow from you. With her short legs and big attitude, Maxine loves strutting around the Big Apple, making brilliant parodies of popular culture and showing off her assets whenever she can.


Venus the Two Face Cat

Being called "two-faced" has never been a good thing — until Venus the Two Face Cat made it cool, of course. This stunning feline is an American tortoiseshell cat whose face is somehow half black, half red tabby, and 100 percent mystery (seriously, not even National Geographic can figure out how this wild cat came to be!).


Dean the Basset

Based in Toronto, Dean the Basset is known best for his floppy ears, ho-hum expression, and insanely cool travels. This beautiful basset is always off on floppy new adventures, and the only thing better than joining him is following his journeys on Instagram.


Ludwik Guinea Pig

If you're ever feeling down on your luck, then you need a daily dose of Ludwik Guinea Pig in your life. This precious Poland-based naked guinea pig went from abandoned pet to pet celebrity in the span of a year, and you can follow along as Ludwik indulges in naps, snacks, and lots of photoshoots.


Dougie the Shih Tzu

We wish someone would teach us how to Dougie just so we could be as cute and happy as Dougie the Shih Tzu. We Shiz Tzu not, Dougie is basically a teddy bear come to life, and if his sploots and smiles don't win you over, then nothing will.


Hedgehog Azuki

Lionel isn't the only cute hedgehog out there. Tokyo-based Hedgehog Azuki and his equally cute daughter, Monaka, are also here to steal your heart with their silly hats, many costumes, and madcap adventures.


Hamlet the Piggy

You've probably heard of therapy dogs, but have you ever heard of therapy pigs? That's exactly what Hamlet the Piggy is, and when this Nashville-based diva isn't supporting patients in need of a smile, she's cruising around in her pink convertible or sporting a stylish pair of sunglasses.


Nala Cat

What do you get when you cross a Siamese, a tabby, and a pair of big blue eyes? You get Nala Cat, the Guinness World Record holder for most followed feline on Instagram, and for good reason — just look at the irresistibly sweet face of this former shelter kitty!


Very Fat Rabbit

Seriously, find us someone who hears the words "Very Fat Rabbit" and isn't intrigued. Seattle-based Mason the big bunny is a cross between a Holland Lop and Dwarf Hotot, and the result is all peace, love, and hoppiness.


Pudge the Cat

What could be cooler than a cat with a mustache? Pudge the Cat, a purr-fect Minneapolis-based celebrity kitty, is an exotic shorthair cat known for her flat face, sassy side-eyes, and — of course — that iconic white mustache. If you don't want to follow this kitty, then we mustache you why.


Pumpkin the Raccoon

If you want to hear a story with a happy ending, then you should hear the story of Pumpkin the Raccoon, a rescued Bahamian who first gained a family and then an enormous internet following. When Pumpkin the raccoon fell out of a tree in her mom's backyard, she never imagined she'd end up with two doggy siblings, Toffee and Oreo, and a clique that can't be rivaled.