Just a Reminder: If You're Not Following Lionel the Hedgehog, You Should

When it comes to cute animal Instagram accounts, cats and dogs aren't the only ones who can provide a daily dose of adorable to your feed. Lionel the Hedgehog is one of our fave animal Insta accounts, and considering that Lionel has racked up 138K followers, we're not the only ones! When you think of hedgehogs, "cute" probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind ("Sonic the Hedgehog" is more likely your first thought), but Lionel is sweetly busting those stereotypes. Run by Anna Mathias out of Charleston, SC, this account features hundreds of adorable photos of sweet, pudgy Lionel held up in the air against colorful backgrounds, and you have to be heartless not to happy-squeal when you see these snaps. If these precious pics don't make you want to follow Lionel, we don't know what will.