Guys, I Found a Kindred Spirit in This Dramatic Dog Who Does NOT Want to Walk Anymore

Do you walk your dog, or does your dog walk you? Sometimes, especially during the hot Summer months, it's the latter. Dog owners like to pretend they're always in charge, but every so often, the pup calls the shots — like in the case of this hilarious viral video. On Saturday, Twitter user Steph Haberman (aka @StephLauren) shared a clip of a big dog with big plans . . . to nap on the sidewalk like no one is watching.

"Not EVERYTHING is bad," Steph tweeted. "Like this dog I met yesterday who did NOT want to walk anymore. She is good!"

Turns out, Steph's video prompted a thread of other pets who have "given up" in a dramatic way. Some dogs flopped down on their walks, others took a major snooze on the couch, but there's one thing that unites them all: major cuteness. Check out Steph's original video above, then keep reading to see even more adorable photos and videos of similarly stubborn pets.

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