A Woman Narrated Her Golden Retriever's Hilarious "Reaction" to Her Hair Straightener

Tucker, an animated Golden Retriever, has a few fairly hilarious "fears" that just don't seem to make sense. Not only is he positively terrified of hair clips, but now, his mom Courtney Budzyn is adding her straightener to the list of things that just don't sit well with her pup! In a now-viral video making its rounds on Facebook, Courtney showed the world how Tucker reacts to seeing her flat iron. And to make the experience even funnier, she added her doggo's "thoughts" into the mix, and they'll crack you up. Among our favorite lines? "FRIGG, LORGE LOOBSTER. OH HEKK," and "WHO'S YOR LEADER?" According to Courtney, it's clear that Tucker is pretty much terrified of anything and everything that snaps. What a silly boy!