How Your Children Can Help With Brushing Your Dog's Teeth

Brushing your dogs' or cats' teeth doesn't have to be hard, it just takes some time to get them used to it, according to Banfield vet Dr. Andrea Sanchez. In fact, Sanchez said one of the best ways to get your pet used to brushing is to involve the whole family.

"You can definitely involve your children in the process — as long as they aren't sticking their fingers anywhere near the dog's mouth," she said. She went on to suggest that the children can pet the dog and help calm him down while an adult handles the brushing part. She also suggested sharing the book My Very, Very Smelly Breath, a book available at Banfield locations, with the whole family to educate everyone on the process.

So this National Pet Dental Health Month, get everyone in on the fun, so you can ensure your favorite furry friends have the healthiest teeth possible!