Which State Spends the Most on Their Dogs During the Holidays?

For the past 13 Christmases, I've been buying my dog at least one gift every year. She's always been considered a part of our family, so when it came time for Christmas shopping, it was a no-brainer that she should also have gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. (And you can bet that she could sniff out which gifts were hers every year.) This year, Nose Print asked 3,000 pet parents how much money they plan to spend on their dogs this holiday season. Check out the top 10 states below, as well as the national average.

  1. New Jersey: $30.01
  2. New York: $29.55
  3. Pennsylvania: $28.75
  4. Utah: $27.75
  5. Georgia: $27.04
  6. California: $26.07
  7. Washington: $25.81
  8. Florida: $25.13
  9. Illinois: $24.98
  10. Virginia: $24.58

National Average: $23.10

Do you plan to buy your dog a Christmas gift this year?