Meet Major: Joe Biden's German Shepherd Will Be the First Rescue Dog in the White House

There's going to be a couple of new first dogs thanks to Joe Biden's projected election win on Nov. 7. Come January, the president-elect and his wife, Jill Biden, will put pets back in the White House — including the establishment's first rescue dog.

Joe saw Major the German shepherd on social media back in 2018 and was moved by his story. Major was one of six puppies forced to vacate their home after being exposed to something toxic. The dog then found a temporary home with the Delaware Humane Association. Joe reached out for more information, which led to the Bidens fostering Major for eight months before he was officially adopted.

In addition to Major, the Bidens are also bringing another dog, named Champ, to the White House. They've had the older German shepherd since 2008. Major and Champ are the latest in a long line of pups to grace the presidential building, and we can't wait to see more of their adorable shenanigans in the future.