A Man Filed an HR Complaint Against His Cat While Working From Home — and It Rings So True

Andrew and Shiela Stych
Andrew and Shiela Stych

Working from home during self-isolation can be hard to begin with. But throw a few pets in there, and well, many more hijinks usually take place. No one quite knows this better than Andrew Stych and his wife, Sheila, who are proud parents of four cats and a pit bull. Recently, Andrew and Sheila had been experiencing some mischief courtesy of their cat, Penelope, so Andrew decided to send a written complaint to his furry friend on behalf of HR to cheer Sheila up.

"Penelope, this letter serves to formally document your failure to comply with household regulations, and your lack of adherence to workspace polices," says the hilarious letter. "You have been a great contributor to workplace morale and have been meeting your quota with regards to cuteness and chasing hair ties."

He continues, writing: "However, your continual insistence on attempting to (or succeeding in) shutting off the power strip and computer in the middle of work hours, insistence on stepping on the keyboard during critical company events, and general mayhem has resulted in significant loss of productivity. We value your contribution to the household, but you must demonstrate an immediate and permanent alteration to your workplace habits or you may face more severe repercussions up to and and including withholding treats."

When pressed for more details via text message, Andrew shared what Penelope has been up to for the last few weeks. "She likes to 'help' my wife with her spreadsheets and emails by walking on her laptop keyboard," he told POPSUGAR. "She actually sent an unfinished email to one of her coworkers." Yup, that sounds about right!

After getting Penelope to "sign" her name on the document, he showed it to Sheila, who absolutely loved the overly formal warning. "I love it, and it was well-deserved," she said. "As household supervisor I have no problem putting my signature on it."