Get a Glimpse of a Day in the Life of a Seeing-Eye Dog in Training

Ian Wagreich | US Chamber of Commerce

The US's oldest seeing-eye dog school, aptly named The Seeing Eye, matches about 30 dogs every single month with the humans who need them. Opened in 1931 in New Jersey, the school is now run largely by director of canine development Peggy Gibbon and a team of dedicated dog-lovers. Aside from its storied history, Peggy told Free Enterprise that the school's ownership policy is what really sets it apart from others. "When a blind person graduates with their dog they own the dog, no strings attached," she said. "We feel that is very important from a self-respect and independence issue."

Recently, the school took a photographer out on the town with one of the dogs to see a day in the life of training. They went around town, including in stores and on the streets. Scroll through to see the photos, and then learn a more comprehensive history about the school over on Free Enterprise.