People Are Using Wet Toothbrushes on Cats to Mimic Their Moms' Licking, and I'm a Mess

I've officially reached the "cats will make you cry" corner of TikTok, and I don't think I ever want to go back. Sometimes, pets on the app are fighting for their owner's attention, and other times they're getting the peak relaxing treatment — like when some users started grooming their cats with damp toothbrushes. Apparently, the sensation mimics the soothing feeling the cats might've had while being groomed by their mothers as kittens. Can you understand why I'm kind of a mess now?

The cats in these TikTok videos appear to reach a level of relaxation I'm still striving to achieve in 2020. Check out a few of the best below. This is certainly a trend worth sharing with your feline-loving friends. May we all harness the same restful vibes in our own lives — or at least pass them on to our pets.