I Can't Stop Watching This Athletic Cat Save Shot After Shot in a Game of Indoor Soccer

Chris Dixon, a 23-year-old YouTube personality and soccer fanatic, may want to consider watching his back on the pitch! Recently, he shared a video to Twitter of he and his cat — Meownuel Neuer, a play on German soccer player Manuel Neuer's name — playing a casual round of indoor soccer. As a former player myself, I've seen dozens of standout goalies, but no human being on two legs could possibly keep up with Meownuel Neuer's literal cat-like reflexes.

In the astounding clip, we see Chris take a few shots using a tiny, cat-sized ball. From out of nowhere, Meownuel darts on screen to protect the goal each and every time. The incredible video was posted on May 18 and immediately took off on social media — at press time, it's racked up over 9.4 million views and 273,300 "likes."

We have a feeling this kitty might be getting a few calls from teams like Barcelona or Liverpool any day now!