This Silly Cat Can't Play With Her Brother Through a Glass Table, and the Struggle Is Adorable

Cats are wonderful little creatures. I'd know, I have five of 'em. And while I crowd around my four-legged friends trying to capture the umpteenth photo of them sleeping on a daily basis, there's something about my kitties playing with each other than truly cracks me up. Recently, I came across a video on Instagram that hit home in the most hilarious way: a sweet kitty named Arya is desperately trying to play with her brother, Rami, but there's one thing in the way — a tricky glass tabletop. Arya and Rami's human captured the interaction on video and shared it with the caption, "When you want to play with your brother and the table is made of glass." Judging by her adorable freak-out, the struggle is adorably real!