Please Watch These Cats' Synchronized "March" to Dinner — You Won't Be Sorry!

Not going to lie, eating dinner is one of the very best parts of the day. So when I came across this sweet video of two cats named Pablo and Bones doing a synchronized walk to dinner, I could relate immediately. In the cute clip that was recently shared to Instagram, Pablo and Bones's owner captured her pets' excitement, captioning the post, "Marching to dinner."

However, the cats' march isn't just a fun routine they learned; there's a reason for their wide-stepping. Both Pablo and Bones have cerebellar hypoplasia, a developmental condition in which the cerebellum of the brain fails to develop properly, meaning their fine motor skills are a little off. Thankfully, cerebellar hypoplasia isn't painful for them, it just means they "wobble" a bit when they walk! Watch the video on a loop for an instant mood lift.