I Can't Stop Laughing at This Golden Retriever Attempting — and Failing — to Eat a Lime

Editor's Note: according to the ASPCA, ingesting limes can be toxic to dogs. Please do not attempt this with your pet.

Thanks to the wild and wonderful world of the internet, there are millions of funny videos of golden retrievers floating around out there. And while we can't get enough of little fluff balls playing a round of golf or inhaling their food faster than Usain Bolt can run a 100-meter dash, a golden pup named Winston takes the cake as far as silly videos go. In a hilarious clip his humans shared to Instagram on Sept. 5, the 2-year-old goldie attempts to smell a lime, and nope, it doesn't go well. While it's important to note that limes can be toxic to dogs when ingested, sniffing them doesn't carry a health risk. After smelling it and putting his teeth on it a handful of times, it's clear that Winston isn't exactly a fan of citrus. Watch until the end to get a serious laugh!