A Woman Bought Her Kittens a WrestleMania Ring, and the Video Is Intensely Adorable

Ever adopt or foster a kitten before? Then you're well aware that these cats are little balls of endless energy with meows powerful enough to melt you on the spot. And while a bit of mischief is to be expected from any tiny four-legged friend, Ashley Ward went above and beyond to capitalize on her three kitties' playful attitudes. In a now-viral Facebook video, she shared her brilliant idea — to purchase a tiny WrestleMania ring — with the world, captioning the clip: "Kittens and a $2 WrestleMania, thrift store find." And we're not the only ones who think the video is equal parts hilarious and adorable. So far, it's racked up 9.8 million views and more than 283,000 shares. Our verdict? Battle on!