7 Reasons to Microchip Your Pets

About 10 million pets go missing or are stolen each year, according to the American Humane Association. Pet owners' best defense against this is microchipping, which is a simple procedure done at the vet. Both cats and dogs can be easily microchipped for about a $50 fee. Home Again, a prime source for microchipping needs and information, currently has more than six million pets enrolled in its program and boasts that more than one million pets have been returned home because of its services. If those numbers aren't enough evidence that microchipping is a good idea, check out the list of seven more reasons below.

  1. It hurts your pet very little. Getting microchipped is as simple as getting a vaccination. It probably hurts about as much as it does when we get shots.
  2. It's a simple procedure. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted into a soft area on the back. Easy and simple.
  3. It could save your pet's life. If your pet is lost or stolen, having a microchip could be the key to bringing Fido back home. If someone finds and takes your pet in to get scanned, you'll be reunited in no time.
  4. It's your proof of ownership. If your pet is stolen and ends up getting scanned somewhere, your information will pop up, as long as you've registered the chip with the database. It's a quick way for your stolen pet to be returned to you.
  5. If you have an outdoor pet, it will put your mind at ease. Some people, myself included, let their animals roam around outside. I recently got my cat microchipped because of that. I used to let him out to wander around while I was at work, and I realized that someone could easily pick my boy up and take him (especially because he's the friendliest cat you'll ever meet), so I got him microchipped. I feel better knowing if he wanders off or if something happens, he can hopefully be brought in and returned to me.
  6. It's a onetime deal. Once the chip is inserted, it'll stay there and be viable for your pet's lifetime. So that makes it a onetime fee for the insertion. (There's a small yearly membership fee, but if it helps you reunite with your pet, it's all worth it.)
  7. A collar and tag will only go so far. A collar or tag can easily fall off or be removed. A microchip isn't going anywhere.

For more information on microchipping your pets, go to Home Again or call your local vet.