Start the 25-Day Organization Challenge in 2017!

We know, we know, you've been meaning to organize your home. It's not your fault that life gets in the way! We've got a 25-day organization challenge that will make tidying up your space really easy. Just get rid of any excess items and rearrange everything in the designated area listed for each day. By the end of the month, you'll be feeling amazing!


Day 1: Closet
Day 2: Under the bed
Day 3: Dresser
Day 4: Side table
Day 5: Jewelry stash


Day 6: Cabinets
Day 7: Fridge
Day 8: Food pantry
Day 9: Countertops


Day 10: Cosmetics day 11: Medicine cabinet
Day 13: Shower

Living Room

Day 14: TV console
Day 15: Blankets and pillows
Day 16: Coffee and side tables
Day 17: Shelves


Day 18: Desk surface
Day 19: Drawers
Day 20: Electronics


Day 20: Coat closet or rack
Day 21: Linen closet
Day 22: Bags and luggage
Day 23: Garage
Day 24: Entryway
Day 25: Junk drawer