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Ana Flores and Dumbfoundead Interview

POPSUGAR / paid for by / GAP

Though you may live in the same city as another person, the way you experience it can be completely different. From the streets you live on to your favorite coffee shops to where you spend your Saturday nights, it's all about perspective. Just look at Los Angeles natives Ana Flores, founder of digital business network #WeAllGrow Latina, and Dumbfoundead, Korean-American rapper who uses music to spread social and cultural awareness. Both are local changemakers in their own right, so we asked these two to show each other which LA spots keep them feeling inspired, centered, and right at home. First up? Ana introduces Dumbfoundead to her favorite sips, sweet treats, and energy-clearing crystals in the video above.

We've partnered with GAP and Complex to create Local Legends, a series that invites two very different people to see the same city from the other's point of view.