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Away Luggage Review

Durable, Minimalistic, and Affordable: This Is the 1 Suitcase I Won't Travel Without

"First class luggage at a coach price." That's Away's tag line, and I have to say — even though I was skeptical at first when the bag blew up on Instagram — I really agree.

I've been a Tumi traveler through and through for the past several years. The luggage is extremely durable while still maintaining a sleek, classic appearance. The major downside to Tumi is the steep prices for the pieces (we're talking $500+ for the basic carry-ons). I've gotten my Tumis as gifts from family members for special occasions, but dropping that much cash on luggage would be out of the question for me otherwise.

In search of the perfect carry-on for a reasonable price, I discovered the Away carry-on ($225). I mentioned that I was skeptical when I first laid eyes on the luggage, mainly due to my shock at how lightweight it was. How could something so easy to lift withstand trips through airports, train stations, old city roads, sandy sidewalks, and wherever else my travels take me?

Travel experts Steph Korey and Jen Rubio cofounded the brand, and after reading about the design process and elevator pitch for the suitcase, I decided to try it out. Away luggage has an unbreakable shell, interior compartments, a built-in USB charger, and — music to my ears — a lifetime guarantee. The website even shows a bowling ball being dropped on the piece, which I wouldn't recommend doing, but it's certainly reassuring. Here's what's to love about the brand and the carry-on bag:

  • It's lightweight. In comparison to other carry-on luggage, I was shocked at how easy it was to roll the bag through the airport . . . even as I was running to catch my flight. Since I am short and sometimes struggle to lift extremely full carry-ons into the luggage rack above my seat on a plane, the Away being lightweight was a big factor for me.
  • The wheels. Once you go Hinomoto wheels, you will never go back. The wheels rotate 360 degrees for a perfect roll, whether you're dodging other travelers in a hectic airport or navigating the streets of a new city. Regular wheels just don't compare.
  • It's reasonably priced. For what you're buying — a suitcase that should last for life, extreme durability, and added perks like a USB charger and TSA-approved lock — you're getting the best bang for your buck compared to other suitcases with similar features.
  • It's "functionally minimal." I'm a sucker for anything minimalistic, so naturally Away luggage caught my eye for this reason. The design is simple, clean, and timeless.

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