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The Best Things About Tailgating

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Once a football fan, always a football fan. We partnered with Hampton by Hilton to find out why these college grads still love tailgating.

Tailgating is an all-American pastime enjoyed on college campuses across the country. The food, the fun, and the spirit are what make a game day that much more exciting. To show that the good times don't end once graduation comes around, we asked alumni from universities near and far to share why they still love to tailgate.

1. There are fans all over

"Since traveling to Gainesville for a game doesn't happen often, I make it a point to reach out to other alumni nearby so we can all watch together. It's like there's still a community of Gators, just in a different city." — Perri Konecky, University of Florida

Image Source: Flickr user Al Lloyd

2. It's all about the company

"My favorite parts of tailgating are always the food and friends. I honestly don't care passionately about football, but it's fun when my team wins! Tailgating > the actual game." — Lisa Peterson, University of Nebraska

3. Wearing school colors never gets old

"Dressing up in head-to-toe Michigan clothes is my favorite tradition to this day. Depending on the game, we'd do a maize out (or blue out), which means everyone dresses in maize (or blue) and fills the stadium, uniting as a force." — Lindsay Milner, University of Michigan

Image Source: Flickr user CityofStPete

4. The traditions never die

"My school replaces a few words in 'Sweet Caroline' with 'LET'S GO PITT,' so I play that on repeat no matter where I'm tailgating and watching the game. It makes me feel like I'm back on campus." — Quinn Keaney, University of Pittsburgh

5. It keeps the connection going

"I feel pretty much detached from my alma mater a majority of the time, except during football season. Tailgating for games makes me feel like I'm still a part of that college community." — Eleanor Sheehan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Image Source: Flickr user Anuj Biyani

6. You can do it your own way

"I actually tailgate more now that I've graduated because my boyfriend and his friends love it. Syracuse Greek life also didn't do as much traditional tailgating as it did pregaming at the different fraternities/bars." — Lauren Levy, Syracuse University

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