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CNN Staffer Reports Her Own Layoff

This Is What Happens When a TV Reporter Gets Laid Off

If you're anything like Lisa Desjardins, a former CNN political staffer, you've wanted to put an ex-employer on blast. The difference between Desjardins and normal workers, though, is that she is a television reporter. Upon losing her Capitol Hill reporting job in a mass network layoff, she decided to go out with flair — by reporting her own job loss in one final CNN report.

Desjardins handles the layoff with a sense of humor, spending the video pretending to pack up everything from office supplies to first-aid kits . . . but the report also has a serious message. "I'm concerned that members of Congress could put the entire text of Fifty Shades of Grey into a bill, and nobody but maybe me, Jamie Dupree of Cox radio, and a few lobbyists would ever notice," Desjardins states after lamenting the reduction in Congress coverage occurring because of the layoffs. While the reporter spends most of the video thanking her co-workers and viewers for the great experience, the report also serves as a cautionary tale for networks and news consumers alike: pay attention to what's happening, and don't sacrifice the people who keep authorities accountable.

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