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Disney Princesses as Brides Art

This Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses as Brides, and I Could Stare at Their Gowns For Hours

Disney Princesses as Brides Art
Image Source: Greco Archibald

Disney has delivered some of the greatest love stories of all time, but only a few ended with a walk down the aisle. Sure, we assume all the princesses live happily ever after, but thanks to artist Greco Archibald, we don't have to imagine anymore. The artist, who goes by the Instagram handle, created illustrations of some of our favorite Disney royalty decked out in their modern bridal best. That's right — if you've ever been curious about Disney princess wedding dresses, this gorgeous art will satisfy your curiosity.

Staying true to the accessories and personalities of each character, Greco invented a unique look for each character. Moana stuns in a tropical-inspired halter gown, while Merida can still ride horseback in her gorgeous wedding jumpsuit. Ahead, see the full collection of illustrations, and get inspired if your own Disney-themed nuptials are around the corner.

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