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Disneyland Changes to Digital Fastpass

The Robots Are Taking Over! Disneyland Moves to Eliminate Its Paper Fastpasses

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After rolling out more Fastpass locations earlier this year, Disneyland is trying a different method for those looking to skip the endless lines at the theme park.

If you're an avid Fastpass hoarder, you know the former drill: you'd claim your ride reservation time slot at the kiosk and receive a paper ticket, which you'd then scan for entry into the express line when your return time approached. But now, that little paper stub only serves as a mere reminder of your reservation time, not your means of entry, according to Theme Park Insider. Line-skipping visitors must now scan their annual pass or park ticket to gain access to the Fastpass line, as seen in the video below.

This change eliminates the possibility of passing off your Fastpass to other park guests — which many Disneyland regulars often do if they're heading out early and feeling generous — because your time reservations are programmed to your own park ticket. People seem to have relatively mixed feeling about these digital Fastpasses; some have noted that it's actually made attraction lines move slower, and a few visitors have been pretty vocal with their resistance to the adjustment.

Disney is doing testing for the launch of Disney MaxPass, and part of that testing is using ticket admission media as the Fastpass, and getting a reminder from the Fastpass distribution point. But, never fear Disney-lovers! Complimentary Fastpass isn't going anywhere!

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