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Easy Costume Ideas From Clothes You Own

28 Stupid-Easy Costume Ideas to Make With What You Already Own

Easy Costume Ideas From Clothes You Own
Image Source: And Then We Saved

Dropping a ton of cash on a costume you can only wear one night of the year isn't really ideal. So before you go roaming around a Halloween store for the perfect getup, why not check your closet first? Our friends at And Then We Saved have come up with these 28 Halloween costumes that you can make with stuff you already own, and they definitely do not disappoint!

If you're anything like me, you're probably half-way freaking out right about now, thinking, "OHHH, Halloween? Uhhhh . . . What am I going to be?!" (Baby Henry is going to either be the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man or a mischievous monkey. I've been thinking about his costume for faaar too long.) Let me tell ya, there are SO many costumes that you can create in two minutes flat from what you already have in your closets. OR, if you must buy something to create a costume, make sure it can pull double duty so you can wear the items from the costume in real life after Halloween.

Maximize the money. That's what it's all about.

My twin sister, Kelly, owns a buy-sell-trade store in Omaha, NE, and it's called Scout: Dry Goods & Trade. She recently posted some shots to her Instagram of all these costumes that can be created using clothing items from her store. They're all easy-to-find items and have that versatility thing going on for post-Halloween wear.

Easy and inexpensive = hell yeah.

1. Girl Scout
With a tan collared shirt and skirt, a strip of paper sack for your sash, a "flight attendant" paper cap (here are some origami instructions on how to make your own Girl Scout cap), a low bun, and your three fingers in pledge position, you're set.

2. Zombie-fy last year's costume
With a $4 tube of fake blood and some dirt.

3. Tom Cruise from Risky Business
Oversize, long-sleeved white collared shirt, white tall socks, black sunglasses (this one works for both guys and girls).

4. Person from the '80s
Lots of gel and some neon.

5. Scarecrow
A plaid shirt, jeans, a hat, messy hair, some eyeliner and lipstick that doubles as face paint (here's a how to do scarecrow makeup tutorial).

6. Bank robber
Black-and-white-striped shirt (or all black), black pants, black shoes, a piece of black scrap fabric with eye holes cut out and tied around your head, and a "loot" bag.

7. Baby
Your coziest pajamas and a pacifier from the grocery store.

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