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Goodreads Ebooks Deals

Goodreads Can Basically Read Your Mind, and It's Going to Save You a Lot of Money

There a few things in life I love more than a good book. Unless it's a very cheap good book, and then I'm pretty much in heaven. So, you can only imagine my unbridled joy when I opened my email recently to find that Goodreads is now basically handing members ebooks at a major discount. Here's how it works: Goodreads predicts what new books you may want to buy based on your favorite genres, your "to-read" list on the site, and authors you follow. You can select what genres you want the deals to be for.

Then, you can choose in your settings what format you'd like your deal to come in — since I use my Kindle app pretty exclusively, I can go in my settings and opt to have the deal sent in that format each time.

You can go into your account settings and select what genres you'd like to get your deals for, or you can opt to just have books sent from your "want to read" shelf, the authors you follow on Goodreads, etc.

As someone who has to seriously factor book costs into my monthly expenses, this is HUGE. Goodreads sends deals for ebooks that you are dying to read for as low as $1.99. My first-ever deal sent was for Neil Gaiman's American Gods (suggested to me because I follow Gaiman and have this title on my shelf), and while the book normally costs about $10, I got an offer for just $2.99. The email will also give you the date the deal expires, as well as the Goodreads details we all love — like the rating and reviews of the book. If you're an avid reader, there's no reason not to get in on this awesome action.

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