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High on Life Travel Bloggers Break Rules

These Travel Vloggers Are Blatantly Disrespecting Important Landmarks and It's Pissing the Internet Off

It's one thing to make an honest mistake while traveling through new areas, but it's a whole other issue when your actions prove to be offensive over and over again. The travel vloggers High on Life brought their repeatedly insensitive actions to the internet's attention when they visited Yellowstone National Park.

The group ignored many signs that told them not to leave the paths when visiting the Grand Prismatic Spring inside the park. They chose to walk right up to the spring, which is incredibly terrible for a couple of reasons. "Why is it important? Because the amazing colours and unique natural habitat is dependent on tourists not muddying the hundreds of years of algae and bacterial growth. Not to mention that the surface is very fragile - you (and anyone sent to rescue you) could be boiled in seconds," an Imgur post by Misrepresentationssimplified explained.

High on Life apologized for their actions in a Facebook post a few days later and took down all of their photos on social media from their little adventure. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this group of guys has disrespected a landmark. In the Imgur post below, you can see them taking pictures on forbidden grounds in Peru and goofing off at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.

An online petition has been made to ask High on Life's sponsors, Red Bull, Bud Light, Blueprint, and Coco-Pure, to pull future funding from the group. Make sure to read through the full Imgur post and let us know what you think about these vloggers' actions.

Yellowstone wankery and more
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