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Get in Mint Condition With a DIY Candy Cane Scrub

There's no reason to get anxious about gift giving if you're a little short on cash this season. Gifts made from scratch not only show a genuine sense of the holiday spirit, but also allow for customization and creativity. Whip up a decadent (but cost-effective!) sugar scrub with a few candy canes, pour it into a retro glass jar, and you've got a savvy, chic, and fabulous holiday gift that everyone will love.

What You'll Need:

  • A glass jar with lid
  • 4 cups white sugar
  • Mixing bowl
  • 1/4 cup crushed candy canes
  • 1+ cup olive oil
  • 20-30 drops peppermint essential oil


  1. Measure and pour the sugar into a mixing bowl. Give things a stir to break up any clumps. The sugar works as a gentle exfoliant that leaves your feet and hands wonderfully smooth.
  2. Now add the olive oil to the sugar, and stir. The mixture should resemble wet sand that isn't too saturated. Olive oil offers the best results (with skin-soothing qualities to boot!), but sunflower or almond oil are good options too. If one cup of oil doesn't seem to be enough, then add another quarter cup.

  1. To finish the mixture, add the peppermint oil, which boosts the refreshing peppermint scent of the scrub. And peppermint is a natural antiinflammatory, which soothes sore muscles.
  2. Place a handful of your crushed candy canes in a ziplock plastic bag, and make the pieces even smaller with the help of a rolling pin. You can also pulverize the candies in a clean coffee grinder or blender. You want the candies to become superfine, similar in size to the white sugar.

  1. To create the pretty scrub, place a big spoonful of the sugar-and-oil mixture at the base of the glass container, and then sprinkle with a layer of the crushed candy canes. Continue layering until you reach the top of the container. Add a cute ribbon and a few candy canes, and your peppermint scrub is ready for gifting!

Makes four cups of candy cane sugar scrub.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Sarah Lipoff
Sarah-Lipoff Sarah-Lipoff 3 years
If you're finding the olive oil is coloring the sugar, you can try sunflower oil instead. Some blends of olive oil can be much darker than others. I used a light olive oil for making mine (which I picked up at the dollar store!), and have made several batches with lovely results.
Lauren15133638 Lauren15133638 3 years
I've made eight jars of this so far - I love it! To those with issues about it, one thing might be a difference in what kind of olive oil you use? While both batches I made came out great, there's a slight color difference in the second one. I used a better quality olive oil in the first batch, I can't remember what brand though. The second batch I made was using a store-brand, and it colors the sugar slightly, but not much, just makes it into more of an off-white color. For both batches, I did 4 cups of sugar, and somewhere between 1 and 1 1/4 cup of olive oil. I put in one cup, it didn't feel like quite enough once it was all stirred up, so I added a little more, but I didn't do an exact measurement on that, just eyeballed it. It has a great peppermint smell, it just takes more drops than is listed in this recipe, but that could be another difference between brands, what was used here could have been a stronger scent than what I was using. Very happy with this, and it's going to be Christmas presents for lots of people, with one jar for myself!
Sarah15194496 Sarah15194496 3 years
Very unsatisfied. Recipe/pictures very misleading. The mixture came out bright yellow and very oily. You can barely smell the peppermint. although it does leave a cool and soothing feeling afterwards, its a bit oily so i wouldnt suggest if you naturally have oily skin already.perhaps try 1/2 cup of olive oil instead?
jlcashin jlcashin 3 years
I followed the directions exactly with mixing the olive oil and sugar (actually a hair less oil because I ran out) and my mixture turned bright yellow, not white like in the pictures. Tips on avoiding this?
Cherie15137831 Cherie15137831 3 years
Hi! Any directions for usage ie in the bath, after bath? :)
Lauren15133638 Lauren15133638 3 years
Really interested in making this! About how many candy canes do you think it takes to make the 1/4 cup of crushed? And four cups of the sugar scrub ends up filling about how many average-sized jars? Thanks!
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