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If You Don't Have an Iron, Here's How You Can Dewrinkle Clothes With a Hair Dryer

Regardless of what packing hacks you put to the test, chances are that your garments will come out with some wrinkles. Since most of us don't usually have an iron on hand, you may want to consider always traveling with a hair dryer like Sonia Gil of YouTube channel soniastravels.

If you need a quick fix in-between destinations or your hotel room doesn't provide an iron, a blow dryer can smooth creases in seconds. The better the quality of the dryer, the more effective it will be. Simply turn it on to the highest and hottest settings, pull your shirt down, and work the dryer across the wrinkles. Just make sure to be careful — the actual hair dryer shouldn't make contact with your clothing, because it can burn the fabric. Keep it a few centimeters away! Sonia notes that it won't iron out an entire suit, for example, but it is a quick and easy solution when you don't have the proper tools.

See the video above to see exactly how to do it yourself!

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