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How Dirty Are Hotels?

The Dirtiest Hotels in America Will Shock You

Ready for an unfortunate surprise? A new study by Travelmath has come out exposing just how dirty hotel rooms across the country can be. The most shocking finding from the research revealed that four- and five-star hotels contain many more germs than three-star hotels.

Travelmath tested the bacteria levels in colony-forming units (CFUs), which are the number of viable bacteria cells within a sample taken from the surfaces of hotels. They sent a team to nine different hotels to gather 36 samples. The end results prove that three-star hotels have bacterial levels that are "around eight times less than a four-star hotel room and three times fewer than a five-star hotel room." Specifically these are the dirtiest surfaces in hotel rooms, ranked.

  1. Bathroom counter
  2. Remote control
  3. Desk
  4. Phone

Does this change the way you will look for hotels in the future? It's a surprising revelation that's sure to have us questioning the cleanliness of the rooms we pay for away from home.

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