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How to Pack Clothes Into Carry-On

1 Woman Fit 25 Pieces of Clothing in a Tiny Suitcase With This Insane Trick

We've tried just about every hack on the planet to fit all of our belongings in a suitcase. We've mastered rolling our clothes, stuffing them in purses, and keeping them airtight in compression baggies to create space — but we have never seen a packing trick like the one demonstrated in this video.

One woman neatly lays out 25 pieces of clothing one on top of the other (pants and shirts included). Then, in the center of her pile, she carefully places smaller items, like socks and scarves, and then folds over each article of clothing to create a shape similar to a pillowcase. Her end result is not only genius — it all fits into a tiny carry-on suitcase — but also extra savvy because neatly folding clothes lessens the chances of leaving wrinkles in them — which is especially convenient when traveling. Watch the packing magic unfold; it's seriously epic!

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