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43 Songs to Listen to During Your Next Laundry Session

Laundry day will be so much better with this playlist! These songs run the genre gamut, but they all have one thing in common: they will make this everyday chore a breeze, from soapy suds to the spin cycle. Here are 43 laundry-themed songs for passing time while you wash and fold.

  1. "So Fresh, So Clean," OutKast
  2. "Dirty Laundry," Bitter:Sweet
  3. "Hang Me Up to Dry," Cold War Kids
  4. "Laundry," Asher Roth feat. Michael Christmas and Larry June
  5. "Laundromat Blues," Albert King
  6. "Folding Dirty Laundry," Radioinactive & Antimc
  7. "Bubble Toes," Jack Johnson
  8. "Clean," Taylor Swift
  9. "Dirty Laundry," All Time Low
  10. "Hot Water," Audien feat. 3LAU and Victoria Zaro
  11. "Laundry Room," The Avett Brothers
  12. "Good," Bleach
  13. "Laundromat," Bombadil
  14. "Hung Me on the Line," Callie Twisselman
  15. "Dirty Laundry," Carrie Underwood
  16. "Grass Stains," Cody Johnson
  17. "Spin Cycle," Colony of the Invisible
  18. "Hung Out to Dry," Cry of Love
  19. "Waiting For the Clothes to Get Clean," Darrell Scott
  20. "Laundromat Song," The Dead Milkmen
  21. "The Leader of the Laundromat," The Detergents
  22. "Coin-Laundry Loser," Discover America
  23. "Hung Out on a Line," Dumptruck
  24. "Cleanin' Out My Closet," Eminem
  25. "Soap," Fox Wilde
  26. "Round and Round," Imagine Dragons
  27. "Foldin Clothes," J. Cole
  28. "Dirty Laundry," Kelly Rowland
  29. "Detergent," Lifer
  30. "Coin Laundry," Lisa Mitchell
  31. "Laundry Girl," Ludo
  32. "Soap," Melanie Martinez
  33. "Hot in Herre," Nelly
  34. "Laundromat," Nivea
  35. "Laundry Day," No Vacation
  36. "Suds in the Bucket," Sara Evans
  37. "Underneath Your Clothes," Shakira
  38. "My Little Town," Simon & Garfunkel
  39. "Washing Machine," Sonic Youth
  40. "The Washing Machine," Sports
  41. "Soapy Water," Wolf Alice
  42. "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)," Dead or Alive
  43. "Come Clean," Hilary Duff

Listen below, but just remember you'll need to download the free Spotify software or app to listen to our playlists!

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Tara Block
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