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Magic Eraser Uses

37 Creative Uses For Your Magic Eraser

With all of the amazing ways you can put Magic Erasers to use, it's almost hard to believe they don't actually possess magical powers. It's definitely a good idea to keep these useful cleaning tools handy around the house for everything from removing scuff marks and soap scum to getting rid of paint stains. Check out all the creative uses below:

  1. Getting dried food off glass cookware.
  2. Removing black marks from walls, floors, and doors.
  3. Removing mold and mildew from metals and plastics.
  4. Polishing jewelry.
  5. Removing tea and coffee stains from mugs.
  6. Removing stains on dishes.
  7. Cleaning leather shoes and removing sneaker scuffs.
  8. Removing sticker and label residue from glass and plastics.
  9. Cleaning the insides of ovens.
  10. Removing hair spray from walls.
  11. Spiffing up hubcaps.
  12. Removing burn marks from pots and pans.
  13. Cleaning soap scum and oils off showers, toilets, and sinks.
  14. Getting rid of fingerprints on keyboards, monitors, and computer mouses.
  15. Cleaning stove tops.
  16. Getting dead bugs off car windshields.
  17. Removing soot buildup in candle jars.
  18. Getting soot off walls around the fireplace.
  19. Removing marker, pen, and crayon marks from walls and furniture.
  20. Cleaning granite countertops.
  21. Removing spray paint.
  22. Cleaning plastic and metal outdoor furniture.
  23. Removing paint and ink from skin.
  24. Mildew removal.
  25. Cleaning car interiors, microfibers, and vinyls.
  26. Erasing marks from dry-erase boards.
  27. Cleaning plastic toys.
  28. Removing dirt and food from plastic garbage cans.
  29. Cleaning out the refrigerator.
  30. Cleaning out the inside of a microwave.
  31. Cleaning grout and tiles.
  32. Cleaning upholstery.
  33. Removing built-up kitchen grease on deep fryers, pots, and pans.
  34. Getting algae off outdoor birdbaths and flowerpots.
  35. Removing toilet bowl rings.
  36. Cleaning mirrors.
  37. Removing dried paint.
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