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Moving Checklist

The Renter's Guide to Moving Cross-Country

Moving to a different city is like planning a wedding. You're full of excitement and anticipation, but it can feel totally overwhelming unless you take the process one little step at a time. For my recent move from San Francisco to New York, this meant making lots of to-do lists. And furiously scribbling notes on the go about more things to add to the lists. To save you the trouble, I've put together a handy cross-country moving checklist for renters. For your next big move, consider this part of your homework done.

  1. Set your moving date and notify your landlord that you're moving.
  2. Set up a "moving" folder in your email and/or a dedicated notebook to keep things organized.
  3. Obtain as many boxes and as much bubble wrap as humanly possible.
  4. Set up a time to do a walk-through of your apartment with your landlord.
  5. Find an apartment or temporary housing at your new location.
  6. Call your credit card company to let them know you are moving, so they aren't surprised by big charges.
  7. Provide your landlord with your new address.
  8. Research and hire movers or reserve a truck rental.
  9. Make travel plans or purchase tickets for your cross-country flight or drive.
  10. Do a major apartment cleanout and donate or sell books, CDs, clothes, and other items.
  11. Back up your computer data.
  12. Sell large furniture items you don't want to move, on Craigslist.
  13. Arrange a Salvation Army or Goodwill pickup after the movers leave.
  14. Set up mail forwarding with the US Postal Service.
  15. Change your mailing address for magazines, Netflix, and other subscriptions.
  16. Change the billing address for your credit cards, savings accounts, and other financial accounts.
  17. Transfer your insurance (renter's, medical, etc.) to your new address.
  18. Close your local checking account and open one in your new city.
  19. Discontinue cable, electric, gas, and other utilities.
  20. Set up cable, electricity, gas, and other utilities in your new location.
  21. Change your address with your cell phone provider.
  22. Discontinue any automatic bill pay.
  23. Find new doctors and a dentist in your new location.
  24. Find a new hair stylist and other beauty services.
  25. Register to vote in your new city.
  26. Obtain a driver's license or other photo ID in your new city.
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