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Should I Have a Car in the City?

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We partnered with Toyota Corolla to share why one woman loves being an urban driver.

I grew up in a small town where turning 16, getting a license, and sitting behind the wheel of my first car was a huge milestone. When I moved to a city after college, I didn't want to give up the freedom that a set of wheels provided — so I haven't. My car gives me true independence and a calm space of my own in this big, busy metropolis.

What about my urban car life makes me happy? I'm glad you asked.


I moved here for the big lights, bustling crowds, and ambitious energy of a major metropolitan area, but there are times when I need to get back to something wild. Being in nature has proven health benefits, both mental and physical, so anytime I get stressed, I can drive to the beach and stare at the ocean or head north to the mountains and hike up to a high peak. I'm a tiny speck looking out on the vast planet with wonder in those moments, and they help to ground my fast-paced, me-centered life in the city.


Often people don't realize that there are neighborhoods in cities where public transportation just plain doesn't go! Some of my favorite spots in the city — like the waterfront shop three neighborhoods away that serves amazing key lime pies — are miles from the closest subway but just a 10-minute drive from my apartment. In my vehicle, I get to experience the full breadth of my urban town, not just the areas with train lines.


While friends turn to food delivery or hiring cabs to help them home after food shopping, I love being able to pull into a parking lot and load up my trunk with groceries. Don't laugh! I choose my own produce, I plan weekly menus, and I don't have to worry that the half case of wine I want to take home is too heavy to carry back to my apartment — my car does it for me.


Guess what I like to bring with me when I head out of the apartment? My stuff! And it's nice if I don't have to carry it around all day. With a car, I have the freedom to throw a sweater in the back in case the temperature drops, bring a gift (even a big one!) to the host of the party I'm attending, or secure my bike onto the trunk if I'm off on a weekend nature excursion. In other words, I can travel with gear for every kind of adventure.

Time and Comfort

Waiting for a train or a bus isn't as romantic as it looks in the movies, especially in the rain or the cold. The ability to hop in a vehicle and be on my way in my own time, on my own schedule feels infinitely freeing. Not to mention the fact that in my car, I always get a seat.

A Room of My Own

OK, it's not really a room, but the car is a calm, quiet space where my music is playing and my people are welcome. Hitting the road with friends — whether to check out a new restaurant in the far reaches of the city or to enjoy a weekend out in the country — is always a good time.

Now that you know why I love being an urban driver, I will admit that there's a downside to having a car in the city: every single one of my friends wants to borrow it! But I'm glad the city wheels are mine.

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