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Spring-Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Checklist For Every Room in Your House

Spring-Cleaning Checklist
Image Source: Pexels / Hakim Santoso

Spring has positives and negatives. The season brings flowers, warmer weather, longer days; but also allergy season, rainstorms, and on daylight savings time, an hour less to sleep. Where spring cleaning falls on that pro/con list is dependent on how much you love CleanTok (meaning, TikTok videos about cleaning and organizing). But even if you're dreading the annual scrub-down, we've got a foolproof spring-cleaning checklist that'll take all the pain out of the ritual. It may even get you excited to pick up the mop. Yes, really.

Need more convincing? Consider this. Organizing and disinfecting all the rooms in your home will make you feel better (household clutter is stressful, after all), and will make your place look more amazing than ever. You may have to put in a few hours of sweat, but working your way a thorough spring-cleaning list will lead to weeks of self-satisfaction — imagine opening your closet and seeing rows of neatly organized clothes, rather than a jumbled mess. There's nothing more motivating! So, we created the ultimate spring-cleaning checklist, so you won't forget anything important. Space it out over a week or tackle it all in one day — but either way, grab your favorite household cleaners and get ready to feel accomplished.

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