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Sweatiest United States Cities

Top 10 Sweatiest Cities in the United States

Sweatiest United States Cities

We love Summer with all our hearts. There are a million and one perks: swimming pools, lazy days at the beach, sundresses, big bonfires, and just an elevated spirit all around. But, as with any season, Summer has one major downfall — perspiration. Hot, sticky, smelly perspiration. Yum!

Ever wonder about the sweatiest cities in America? No? That's OK — we've provided 'em for you anyway. Thanks to Honeywell Fans, which partnered with the environmental consulting company Environmental Health & Engineering, a list of the top 10 sweatiest cities is available for all to crinkle their noses at. The scientists reviewed data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association's National Climatic Data Center and the US Census Bureau.

As for the actual science behind the study? "When creating the first-ever sweatiest cities ranking with this new set of criteria, we looked at a range of environmental factors, including average temperature and humidity levels during Summer months, population and housing density, and average wind speed, which has an evaporative cooling effect," said Dr. Ted Myatt, ScD, Environmental Health & Engineering. "Geographic location has a major influence on temperatures, but so does infrastructure like residential buildings or heavy industry, which can trap heat or contribute to heat output." If you plan to travel to these destinations in the next few months, don't forget to bring lots of deodorant.

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