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Things to Check Twice

32 Things You Will Regret Not Double-Checking

With all life throws at us, there are many important details that can slip through the cracks. Check out our list of things you need to start double-checking or you'll face important consequences.


  • Making sure you turned the stove off.
  • Making sure there is toilet paper around before going number two.
  • Locking the front door.
  • Unplugging your hair appliances.
  • Making sure lights, heater, TV, and A/C are off when you leave.
  • Rereading the recipe while you're making a dish.


  • Saving before you quit a game.
  • Ensuring you have your credit card when you leave a bar.
  • Looking at your social calendar before you make plans.
  • Seeing who you are texting or IMing when venting or sharing secrets with friends and family.


  • Zipping up your fly.
  • Checking the backseat of a car before you leave.
  • Making sure you have your keys.
  • Seeing if your electronics are fully charged.
  • Making sure your wallet is with you all the time.
  • Making sure you haven't forgotten your phone.
  • Making sure your phone is silent during certain occasions — interview, movie, etc.
  • Locking your car.
  • Setting your alarm on your phone.

Personal finance

  • Filling out tax forms and doing calculations.
  • Keeping up with receipts and bills.


  • Checking both sides of the paper during a test.


  • Checking your travel documents before you leave for vacation.
  • Making sure your chargers are with you.
  • Checking your hotel room on the day of checkout.
  • Looking over dates and cities before you book a ticket.
  • Checking inside the airplane seat pocket.


  • Looking over important emails before you send them off.
  • Making sure you are not replying all.
  • Looking at your to-do list.
  • Looking at who you are texting or IMing when venting at work.
  • Saving the document before you close it.
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