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Things to Do in Kauai

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If you're seeking a tropical adventure this Summer, we have the perfect destination for you: Kauai. The Hawaiian island has long been popular among thrill-seekers — it's full of exotic waterfalls, breathtaking stretches of coastline, and acres of untouched natural foliage. And as our host Matthew Rodrigues highlighted in the video above, you can explore them all. Hop on a helicopter to get the best views of 10 different waterfalls, one of which was made famous by Jurassic Park. Or zip your way through indigenous Hawaiian treetops. Whatever you choose, your time on the island is sure to be action-packed. Keep watching for the four experiences you can't miss.

Adventure is calling! We've partnered with Hilton Garden Inn to show you why you need to add Kauai to your must-visit list, stat.