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Tulum Travel Tips

Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Tulum?

Tulum Travel Tips

Just a few years ago, Tulum, Mexico, wasn't on many travelers' radars. Situated south of Cancún on the Yucatán peninsula, the quiet beach getaway is tucked far enough from the big city that it has, until recently, been a hidden gem. Well, the hidden gem was exposed in all its shiny glory — because the beach has blown up. Travelers are seeking out everything Tulum has to offer, but luckily it still has the essence of what made it such a perfect spot in the first place.

Tulum Beach is an endless source of oceanside activity, an ideal wedding and honeymoon destination, rich with an ancient Mayan history and Mexican culture, teeming with authentic cuisine, and still off the grid enough that it doesn't feel overly touristy. I've been lucky to spend time there over the past few years, and it never disappoints. In addition to stuffing myself with farm-to-table food and lounging for hours by a crystal-clear ocean, I once woke one morning to find a massive sea turtle laying eggs behind my beach house, swam in a deep cave whose roof opened to the dangling roots of an enormous tree, and overall took in the atmosphere unique to Tulum. Here's why people are obsessed with the place — and to be honest, I totally get it.

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