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Twin Farms Resort Vermont

This All-Inclusive Luxury Vermont Resort Is $1,500 Per Night — See the Awesome Amenities!

Twin Farms Resort Vermont
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Lauren Levinson

Can you put a price on truly being comfortable? Twin Farms, a luxury resort in Barnard, VT, did — and it's a minimum of $1,500 per night, to be exact. If you have the cash to spend, the staff at this gorgeous upscale bed-and-breakfast-inspired hotel will make it worth every penny.

I was so lucky to spend a romantic two-night June weekend with my newlywed husband, just one year after we got engaged in Vermont. Before we get into Twin Farms, let's talk about the state in general. Vermont is one of the most lush places in the Northeast, known for its laid-back vibe, delicious food (like cheddar and locally brewed beer), ski mountains, and stunning lakes. I've been about six times in the past three years, and I never get sick of it for these reasons. While you can certainly do Vermont on a budget, staying at an Airbnb or hotel, Twin Farms makes the case for splurging.

Here's a quick overview of how Twin Farms works. Everything you eat and drink or do (minus a reserved wine list, which you won't need since the ones included are outstanding) is part of the flat room-and-board fee. And there's no tipping. Breakfast is the only meal with a menu (pro tip: order the house-special souffle pancakes, which are technically off the menu, though always available). Lunch and dinner are multicourse meals with wine pairings.

Before your stay, you'll fill out a questionnaire about your food preferences and restrictions, and the chefs (led by executive chef Nathan Rich) will make sure the dishes are a surprised delight based on your likes. For example, I was served lobster for dinner, since I love seafood, while my husband was brought out a steak since he's a carnivore (they also gave him double portions, since I told them he eats a lot!). But you can also go off menu and basically eat anywhere on property you want — in your room, on the top of a mountain during a midhike picnic, and more. Everything is very fresh, since food is either sourced from Vermont farms located within five miles of the property or grown on the 300 acres of land that make up Twin Farms.

All activities — biking, boating, tennis, fitness classes, etc. — are all set up for you. There are even special events planned, such as a live bluegrass band at the pub on Saturday night. The only additional charge is the spa, which is totally worth it and features all Tata Harper products, a natural brand sourced out of Vermont.

In my opinion, the top two things you're paying for at Twin Farms are top-quality service and privacy. The staff at Twin Farms will do anything — seriously anything — to make your stay memorable and customized. Want a bottle of chilled Champagne waiting in your room for you and a cold bottle of Fiji water daily? Done. Call and ask for a nail file? They'll see if you need nail polish, too. Bike into town, which is all downhill, and someone will pick you up in a BMW. Speaking of which, BMW 750i xDrive sedans are available for you to drive around when needed.

This crew anticipates your needs and makes it happen if they can. For example, I casually mentioned to the after-dinner bartender that I heard Twin Farms is famous for its chocolate chip cookies and cheese. Before I went to bed that night, he made sure I enjoyed a plate of warm cookies. The next afternoon at lunch, my first course was a Vermont-sourced cheese plate. They remember and deliver.

The other element that makes staying at Twin Farms so exceptional is its exclusivity. You can't eat in the dining room — or use any part of the property — unless you're a hotel guest. And there are only 20 accommodations total, which can host about 40 people. It never feels crowded, and you can always seem to find a private bench around the lake or cozy reading nook in the main house to yourself. The rooms — or shall I say cabins — are also worth spending hours in, soaking in the double bathtubs or lounging beside your own fireplace.

I could go on and on about every little detail of this magical spot, but I'd rather you see how gorgeous and glorious your stay can be. Keep reading to see photos from my epic two-day stay.

Portions of the writer's accommodations were provided by Twin Farms for the purpose of writing this story.

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