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Ways to Simplify Your Life

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Life More Simple

Minimalism is becoming more and more popular these days, and for good reason! Our friends at Darling magazine give us the lowdown on how to make our lives more simple and enjoyable.

If you're feeling like you want in on a life that feels a little less cluttered, a little less chaotic, and a little more peaceful, here are three ways to kickstart a simpler way of doing things:

1. Start with a blank slate:

There's a pretty widespread misunderstanding that embracing a minimalist lifestyle is about denying yourself the things you love. But the point isn't to get rid of what you love, it's to make room for those things to shine by clearing out everything you don't.

So many of us are surrounded by things that we don't need, or don't use, or don't like very much. In my book I suggest starting with the medicine cabinet in your bathroom. Is it filled only with things you love and use regularly? Or are there half-empty bottles, expired makeup samples, expensive lotions you splurged on but actually feel kind of "meh" about. Get rid of the excess and start to breathe easier. Tomorrow? Tackle your underwear drawer. The next day? The condiments on your fridge door. After that? The cabinet under the kitchen sink. Get rid of anything that's not working for you. At the end of the week, you'll have a lighter load without needing to make a single difficult decision.

2. Go on a new stuff hiatus:

Set a timeframe — say, a week — and decide that for that period of time, apart from essentials, you're not going to bring anything new into your home — zilch — regardless of sales or cuteness factor or whether it was foisted upon you by a neighbor. The point here is to look your consumption square in the face. Maybe you have a therapeutic shopping habit that results in an overflowing closet. Maybe you have a sister who loves to give you her castoffs. Maybe you can't resist the swag table at work and you've brought home ten new tote bags in as many weeks. Whatever it is, by imposing a "just say no" rule, even if just for a week, you can identify the places in your life where it might be helpful to curb the flow of new things cluttering your life.

But the point isn't to get rid of what you love, it's to make room for those things to shine by clearing out everything you don't.

3. Embrace a new habit:

So much of simplicity comes down to finding a rhythm that makes your life simpler. Maybe it's starting the day by making breakfast, sans phone in hand. Maybe it's taking a nightly bath. Maybe it's taking ten minutes at lunch to plan dinner, or walking to the subway stop that's further from home but that passes by the pretty park.

Whatever it is, commit to adding a new habit to your daily routine that has the sole purpose of making you feel good. It can seem counterintuitive that adding something to your schedule would make your life feel simpler, but with the right mindset, these kind of habits force you to slow down, try a new pace, and reset your priorities.

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