Don’t Be Afraid to Break Out This Affordable Stemware For Your Holiday Table

Sam's Club
Sam's Club
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If you're hosting friends or family (or both!) this season, you've likely planned out whether or not you'll reach for your grandmother's china, make things easy with disposable dishes, or set the table with something in between. That said, when it comes to which drinkware to set the table with, finding a set of wine glasses can be a bit trickier.

Stemless glasses, for example, are less prone to breaking — but quickly warm up the wine they're holding, as guests hold the bowl of the glass directly. Fine china can't go in the dishwasher, creating more clean-up work after everyone's headed home. And if you're hosting any self-proclaimed wine snobs at your table this season, a disposable wine glass (or worse, plastic cups) aren't going to do — despite them having no risk of breaking and being easy to clean up.

Luckily, though, Sam's Club seems to have found the solution, with its Member's Mark 8-Piece Crystal Wine Glass Set.The club-brand set is made from high quality, durable crystal that has the same sparkle and clarity of delicate sets, but is sturdy enough to withstand washing in the dishwasher. Plus, they're just under $30 for an eight-piece set, so you can rest easy if a guest happens to knock one over.

The glass is also designed with those self-proclaimed oenophiles in mind. The bowl is deep enough to let a full-bodied cabernet sauvignon breathe, but not so big that a white wine would get lost in the glass. The pulled stem is seamless, and the rim is laser cut — small details that even the most discerning wine enthusiast would appreciate.

Of course, Sam's Club also sells high quality wines at an affordable price, which is ideal if you need to stock up on several bottles before the holiday. Its Member's Mark Private Reserve Carneros Chardonnay, for example, is under $10 a bottle. It's from Napa Valley's Carneros region, where the cool climate helps preserve the grapes' acidity, along with the tropical fruit notes Napa Valley chardonnays are known for. As for red wines, the Member's Mark Private Reserve Oak Knoll Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced from their vineyard in the heart of Oak Knoll, surrounded by some of Napa's most prestigious wineries, but is just under $19. Both are only available in clubs at select locations across the U.S., and you'll need a Sam's Club membership in order to purchase them, of course.