15 Inexpensive and Creative Ways to Decorate Your Apartment

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Floating hangers, shower curtains as window treatments, and mirror trays — nope, these aren't magic tricks, they're creative ideas for decorating your apartment on a budget. Some save space, while others just look really beautiful, but all will hopefully serve as inspiration the next time you find yourself wanting to give your home a makeover!

— Additional reporting by Maggie Boyle


Use a Mirror as a Tray

Thrift-store sites like Etsy are great places to find vintage mirrors, which make the perfect trays ($38). Keep books, candles, makeup, and lotions looking sophisticated with this presentation.


Decorate With a Macramé Wall Hang

Your apartment will have an instant bohemian vibe with this macrame wall hang ($22).


Use Pictures to Create a Fun Wall

Wall decals might be popular, but you don't have to shell out cash for one. Create the same effect using your own photos by arranging them in a creative way that's unique to your style. Pepper in fun prints ($15) for an extra added punch.


Light Up a Room With a Neon Sign

You can find super inexpensive and superfun neon signs ($14) on Amazon to spice up your bedroom or living room.


Store Everything in a Vintage Folding Rack

Store wine bottles, towels, scarves, and more with the help of a reasonably priced vintage folding rack ($42). It's a piece you can use in so many different ways, you're sure to have it forever.


Use a Shoe Holder For Plants

An over-the-door shoe holder ($8) can hold more than just your favorite sneakers. If you have an area facing a good amount of sunlight and want to try this project, here are the steps to do it.


Give a Second Life to Empty Wine Bottles

Using recycled wine bottles to spice up your living space is crafty, creative, and fun! There are tons of ways to incorporate bottles into your decor, but we're very into adding twinkly lights ($8) to make them shine from within.


Use Calendar Photos to Decorate a Room

Instead of shelling out a lot of money for high-end photos, try framing pictures from yearly calendars ($43). They're often just as beautiful, and you have the option of cutting off the months and days.


Create a DIY Kitchen Knife Holder

This creative way to display your books whilst holding your knives is a win-win! All you need is a sturdy rope, a few of your favorite books, and your kitchen knives — or you can buy a ready option ($50).


Hang a Cool Mini Wardrobe Rack

Try this brilliant idea if you have limited closet space. Instead of folding pants in a drawer where you can't see them in their full glory, buy a rack and hooks to create your own display with this vintage wardrobe rack ($52).


Hang Sarongs as Wall Decor

Sure, a sarong is usually associated with beach locations, but imagine how stunning their beautiful colors and patterns will look draped over a solid-colored couch in your own home or in a wall coat rack ($18). Because of their reasonable price, you can buy multiple and switch them out often.


Create a Wall of Floating Hangers

Not only does this add extra dimension to your room, but also, it just might force you to choose your outfit for the following day and save you time in the morning! These wooden hangers ($16) are great for a rustic look.


Add Multipurpose Knobs to Your Decor

DIY or buy ceramic knobs ($6) that can be used for a variety of purposes: nail them to a wall so you can hang purses or scarves, or replace the ones already on your drawers.


Decorate With Succulents

Succulents are cute, easy to care for, and customizable. Head on down to your local plant store (or Amazon) where you can purchase several for a low price ($9).